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Solid lighting, saving energy

PILA – An established brand


PILA is the answer to the needs of those customers who are looking for affordable and yet reliable LED products. Our LED lamps and luminaires are an excellent replacement for their conventional equivalents. 


  • Affordable products
  • Energy efficient
  • Product portfolio dedicated to basic applications
  • Guaranteed luminous flux and lifetime
  • Simple conversion from conventional lighting to LED
  • Simple and quick installation
LED Luminaires

LED Luminaires

PILA luminaires provide you with easy LED replacements for all your conventional luminaires. With a wide portfolio, there are solutions for all lighting applications. PILA luminaires deliver long lasting, energy-efficient and robust lighting, credible for years.
Energy saving lamps

Energy Saving Luminaires

If you require a basic energy-saving luminaires in a compact design, energy saving lamps are the best "value for money" choice. Lasting up to 2 years, this Pila Luminaires will save up to 70% energy and money.

The factory in Piła started production of traditional bulbs in 1958. Due to the transformation of technology into LED, the first PILA LED bulbs appeared on the market in 2014 and LED tubes in 2017.

In some European markets, PILA is a brand with high reputation and awareness among consumers (34% source: HeartBeat) and it’s highly recognized in the professional market among installers.

Therefore, in 2018, we decided to expand the offer with a full category of economical professional installation fittings.